EOC Communications  News - Events - 2006  
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2006-December      (PREOC Radio Crew in TCA & Fire Depts Christmas Lightup)  

2006-Sept. - October      (2006 Maritimes Trip)  

2006 - September 21      (Airport Exercise)  

2006-September 13      (NW-ESS-ParkerCove-Exercse)  

2006-August 16      (New OCARC APRS Digi installed at Mt. Begbie)  

2006-June 24      (Field Day - Local TV Coverage! + July Bombay CNN news clip)  

2006-June 15 - ( & later) September      (Annual ESS BBQ PEP Service Pins and later PEP Service Pin Awards)  

2006-May 25      (Kelowna Airport Simulated Plane Crash Exercise)  

2006-May 13      (Emergency Preparedness Week Display/Demos)  

2006-May 7      (OCARC 2nd Annual Flea Market)  

2006-May 6      (YL Conference Page 1 & Page 2)  

2006-May 2,3 & 5      (New JIBC Emergency Comms Course & YL Conference-Prep)  

2006-April      (Ski2Sea, EOC Planning, YL Conference Workshop)  

2006-March      (YL Meeting, PEP Radio Course, Crystal Mtn. Resort Packet paths)  

2006-March 9      (Cops For kids - RCMP Gala Ball)  

2006-January - February      (Norm - APRS info to New Hams, Ian - ve7bst - Crystal APRS Digi)  

2006-January      (Snowfest Parade)  

2006-January      (COSAR Call Out)  

2006-January      (Kelowna YLs in TCA!, Ham Shack Visits NK0l/ve7, va7hr)  

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